Our history 150 years of female hospitality

An ancient road…

The Benedictine monks were the first who settled in this place from XI to XVII century, using it as a place of rest for travelers crossing the Maestra street of Calabrie.

During the Risorgimento the “Carbonari Lucani” used to meet in Pertosa in a quiet good cooking inn.
003-013 Don-Arturo Zi'-Marianna
In 1859 the German doctor Karl Wilhelm Schnars, on a mission after the 1857 earthquake, that had devastated the whole Lucana and Salernitana area, in his book “La Terra Incognita”, tells to have had lunch and slept in this inn “Down the wide Maestra Calabrese street, where near Pertosa, a short walk from the famous Cave of the water of San Michele, I found a good clean accommodation at innkeepers that I already knew from previous trips. These good people received me with great jubilation, the feverish wife got out of bed to put everything in order for me … “.

In 1932, the Caves of Pertosa opened to the public and this place was the first place of rest for all the coming tourists.

At that time owner of the business was Mrs Marianna Bianco known as “Zi Marianna” who gave its name to the inn.

Angelo Cafaro was born and lived near the Caves of Pertosa and in 1968 with his family he took over Marianna Bianco and continues the hotel and restaurant business with his wife and daughters.

To this day the heirs of the same family proudly lead the activities inherited from Zi Marianna.

Historical booking

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Women’s hospitality …

According to the news we have, the business run was and is only “female”. In addition to the anonymous owner who welcomed Dr. Schnars in 1859, we remember Marianna Bianco, Carmela De Paola and Maria De Luca, who is currently leading the business.