Visit to the Caves of Pertosa

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The journey to the center of the Earth begins by boat along the groundwater of the Negro River, that makes the Caves of Pertosa-Auletta unique. The river from the depths of the earth rises to the surface, giving a show full of wonders. Absorbed in the silence of millions of years, the visitor will sail the Negro river by boat under a sky of stalactites to land directly to the hypogeum.

From the sunlight to the roar of the waterfall rushing underground “Negro” river, among tunnels and galleries the big “Halls”, that nature has created in the course of geological era, can be reached: the Hall of sponges and the Hall of Heaven are worth the trip to this wonder of the Diano Vallo.

We offer two itineraries to our customers, perfect to discover all the main attractions of the Caves:

  1.  A partial itinerary of 75 minutes that will let you visit all the northern branch of the cave, the Great Hall, the Hall of sponges and the Arm of Wonders, sailing partly the underground Negro river. The Hall of Paradise and the stretch in the boat behind the indoor waterfall are excluded from the visit.
  2. A complete itinerary of 100 minutes will let you visit the whole cave accessible to the public, sailing the underground Negro river and coming to the indoor waterfall to visit the Hall of Paradise, and continue, after a second stretch in the boat, on the northern branch, discovering the majesty of the Great Hall, the particularities of the Hall of sponges and the charm of the Arm of Wonders.
  • Lunch + partial itinerary € 28.00;
  • HB + partial itinerary € 60.00;
  • Lunch + complete itinerary € 30,00;
  • HB + complete itinerary € 65.00.
  • Lunch + partial itinerary € 20.00;
  • Lunch + complete itinerary € 22.00.
Groups (more than 20 people)
  • Lunch + partial itinerary € 25,00;
  • Lunch + complete itinerary € 27.00.

Notes: Lunch includes starter, main course, dessert and drinks.

Half board includes lunch or dinner including drinks, accommodation in double room and breakfast buffet